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Creating Chinese New Year Traditions with Hinode Rice

Hinode Rice Honors the Year of the Monkey Hinode Rice honors the past and embraces the NOW this Chinese New Year. Bring your traditions into 2016 with the mischievous spirit of the monkey. Together, we can bow our heads to ancient customs while breaking a…

Bring Back A Thanksgiving Tradition with Hinode Rice

Is Thanksgiving starting to feel like the movie Groundhog Day? You know, the same meal year after year and somehow we all get a little older and more stuck in our same routine. Well, we at Hinode rice think tradition can be new and adventurous!…

Perfecting Rice Pilaf Recipes

It’s back to school season, and as much as we know how important it is to prepare a healthy home cooked meal, sometimes all of the planning and prepping starts to feel like homework… When we’re pressed for time (and patience), it’s easy to turn to…

Hinode’s How To Cook Brown Rice

Do you cook brown rice with confidence for your family and friends? Or, like many of us, could you use some help figuring out how to make sure it turns out right every time?