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Here at Hinode Rice, we are a little jealous that Santa Claus gets to travel (and eat) his way around the world on Christmas Eve. Although we don’t have a sleigh, we’re happy to celebrate these distant traditions through their Christmas rice recipes. See how rice is used in Christmas gatherings around the globe as we taste-test our way to December 25th. Join us in trying one of these 12 Christmas “rice-ipies” and experience a taste of the holidays from a far away land.


 Peruvian Christmas Rice with Balsamic Syrup Christmas dinner in Peru isn’t complete without this vibrant rice dish full of fruits, vegetables and bacon! It’s the perfect side to soak up the flavorful juices collecting at the bottom of your plate.

Christmas rice plated in mound with colorful fruits, vegetables and bacon on white dish drizzled with balsamic syrup
Recipe and photo courtesy of PeruDelights.com

Brazilian Christmas Rice Made especially for the holidays in Brazil, this festive rice sautéed with nuts and raisins is incredibly quick to make and will satisfy gluten-free and vegan dinner guests.
White baking dish with rice nuts and dried fruit
Recipe and photo courtesy of SheKnows.com, Olivia Ribas

Dominican Christmas Rice with Almonds and Raisins Just as many cultures have their take on “Christmas Rice,” each family also seems to have their own version tailored to their own tastes. Here’s a recipe from the Dominican Republic that might become a favorite in your family!
Christmas rice with dried fruits and slivered nuts served in two stacked white bowls.
Recipe and photo courtesy of DominicanCooking.com

Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandules (Christmas Rice with Pigeon Peas) In Puerto Rico, nearly every family-made and restaurant-prepared feast features the same menu. And there’s always delicious rice flavored with sofrito – a blend of onions, peppers, green herbs, garlic and tomato. Read more about Christmas on the island here.
White china dish with rice that has been cooked with crusty bottom from pan colored dark yellow and brown from spices and ingredients.
Recipe courtesy of Saveur.com. Photo by Penny de los Santos.

Portuguese Arroz Doce (Christmas Rice Pudding) A staple of all holiday celebrations in Portugal, this sweet, slow-cooking rice pudding decorated with cinnamon will warm any winter night.
Portuguese Arroz Doce (Christmas Rice Pudding) recipe on wooden table in tins
Recipe and photo courtesy of SquirrellyMinds.com

Nigerian Jollof Rice with Turkey and Brussels Sprouts A smoky, spicy party dish, Jollof rice is typically made with aromatic Basmati and is full of onions, tomatoes, peppers, and spices like curry powder, cumin, and nutmeg. This Nigerian twist, with traditional Christmas turkey and vegetables, will have the whole table coming back for seconds.
Red spiced Jollof rice served on white dish with green pimentos as a festive Christmas rice dish.
Recipe and photo courtesy of Funke-Koleosho.blogspot.com, Funke Koleosho

Danish Risalmande (Christmas Rice Dessert with Cream and Almonds) Probably the most famous and traditional Christmas dessert, Risalmande is enjoyed once a year right after the Christmas Eve dinner. And there’s a fun game to go with it: one almond is typically left unchopped, and the person who gets it in their dish wins a prize!
Glass cup filled with white Christmas rice pudding from Denmark is topped with red cherry sauce and present with almond prize on raw wood block.
Recipe and photo courtesy of NordicFoodLiving.com

Finnish Christmas Rice Karelian Pies Made of rye crust with a filling of rice porridge, Karjalanpiirakka (from the Karelia region in Finland) is a savory pastry topped with a creamed butter and egg mix known as munavoi. Perfectly indulgent as a holiday treat!
Karjalanpiirakka, Finnish Karelian Pies stuffed with rice filling and baked in a pie crust served on a white dish with brown embellishments.
Recipe and photo courtesy of CakeCrumbsBeachSand.com

Ukrainian Christmas Rice Holubtsi (Cabbage Rolls) Perhaps the ultimate Eastern European comfort food, humble and delicious cabbage rolls filled with rice (which can be made totally vegan) are always found on holiday tables.
Ukrainian Rice Holubtsi Cabbage Rolls Authentic Family Cookbook
Recipe and photo courtesy of The-Real-Meal.com

Greek Avgolemono (Christmas Rice Lemon Soup) A traditional Greek soup made especially for Christmas Eve dinner, avgolemono is fresh and lemony. We’ve also heard it’s ideal the day after, perhaps, imbibing a bit too much during your holiday celebrations.
Orange bowl with lemon rice soup called Avgolemono in Greece garnished with cracked pepper.
Recipe and photo courtesy of LoveFoodLlikeAlchemy.com, Kala Christougenna

Lebanese Hushwee Christmas Rice with Toasted Pine Nuts Lebanese families pass their hushwee recipes down for generations. Try this tradition made with rice and beef that is seasoned with warm cinnamon that youngsters beg for during the holidays and all year through.
Christmas rice mixed with beef and nuts served with herbs and cinnamon on white plate.
Recipe and photo courtesy of TheLemonBowl.com, Liz DellaCroce

Filipino Christmas Chicken Arroz Caldo (Christmas Rice Porridge) Often called congee in many Asian countries, this traditional Filipino rice porridge is a uniquely comforting one-pot meal especially enjoyed during the Christmas season.
Saffron yellow rice porridge or congee garnished with green onion
Recipe and photo courtesy of TheWishfulChef.com

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