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You survived the season of temptations! But, too many late nights of eating and drinking over the holidays take their toll; even on those of us who “seem” healthy on the outside.
Now the New Year summons you to replace guilty pleasures with extreme diets and workouts routines. Instead of swinging between extremes, this year how about making some conscious choices that can provide the lasting balance you seek; like 100% whole grain Hinode Brown Rice.

Date Smoothie with Hinode Brown Rice

Brown rice smoothing served in glass cup on dark shinny wood surface.
Recipe courtesy of New York Times, Martha Rose Shulman. Photo courtesy of Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times.

We’re here to help you discover the combination of nutrition, exercise, and inspiration that works best for you. Start by blending up this smoothie recipe with Hinode Brown Calrose Rice, then sit back and contemplate which of these 2016 trends have the potential to make a difference in your life.

Fitness Trends for 2016 (American College of Sports Medicine)

Blue chart with 10 top sports trends listed in white text with matching images next to each in white and the human body form in white in the middle.
Photo courtesy of American College of Sports Medicine

 Wearable Technology

 People have jumped on board with fitness trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, and Garmin. These devices make sure we don’t cheat ourselves out of fitness with real-time tracking of our steps and sleep.
This year, though, we’re going beyond trackers to “trainables.” These new devices don’t just report data that you might forget to act on once you’re comfortably settled at home or work. Instead, they actually provide ongoing feedback to create behavioral change.[1] For example, UpRight is a new posture-training wearable that gently vibrates to remind you to straighten up! Also look for devices including Spire, that help you reduce stress; Muse for meditation assistance; and Moov, to monitor your form as you work out.

Body Weight Training

 Remember when TV was full of infomercials for pricey (and often goofy-looking) exercise equipment? Now the trend is to workout with the resistance of your own body weight. It’s totally old-school – no need for a gym membership or expensive gear! Just you and your determination…

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Our lives are busy and it is hard to consistently find time to exercise. With HIIT, you can maximize your technique to squeeze workouts into your schedule. These fast-paced workouts will burn a ton of calories and get you on your way in almost no time flat.
See if HIIT is your jam by trying this basic 10-minute routine from Daily Burn.[2]

Three people doing jumping jacks on grass in park with 4 bullet points of HIIT workout.
Photo courtesy of Daily Burn, Pond5

Strength Training

Fitness is a whole-body endeavor. If you’ve been stuck on aerobic exercise, this year, be sure to incorporate some strength training, as well. Because building muscle helps burn more calories and fat, while protecting bone health and muscle mass for years to come.

Woman in grey military work out uniform doing a pull up
Photo courtesy of Military Times, Mike Morones/Staff

If anyone knows the benefits of being strong, it’s women in the military! In fact, in 2015, three women earned their way into the elite Army Rangers. This feat prompted Defense Secretary Ash Carter to require all military services to provide their plans for 2016 to open jobs to women from which they were previously excluded.[3]
What are the top strength training exercises? Dead-lifts, squats, shoulder presses, bench presses, and pull-ups.

Educated, Certified, and Experienced Fitness Professionals 

You’ve got your own job to do, so let the pros do theirs! Whether in-person or online, experienced fitness experts can help you learn the physiology and science behind your workouts and diet.
According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the growth of accredited sports medicine programs at colleges and universities continues to be exponential.[4] Check out the US Registry of Exercise Professionals for certified trainers.

Semi-Private Training

Five people working out with coach on grass outside in colorful workout gear and tennis shoes.Personal trainers aren’t just for celebrities or people with too much free time and money. By partnering up with friends or co-workers, you can stay motivated and save cash by sharing a trainer. Semi-private training sessions are available with most professionals and at most gyms.
According to Jordan Grahm, a personal trainer and health and fitness expert from Los Angeles: “The dynamic of having a small group working out together also brings a positive energy as everyone is working hard together as a team. Although having a trainer in and of itself is a method of accountability, I have found that folks have an extra level of accountability and therefore commitment when they are training in a semi-private or small group setting.”[5]
Trainers also provide feedback on your form, making sure all of your movements are safe and effective.

Functional Fitness

What good is being in shape if it doesn’t support a long, healthy, pain-free life? ACSM defines functional fitness as “using strength training to improve balance, coordination, force, power, and endurance to enhance someone’s ability to perform activities of daily living.” Simple things like carrying groceries, lifting children, and moving furniture.[6]
So, what do functional fitness exercises look like? Click here to check out some sets from Shape magazine.

Fitness Programs for Older Adults

Two elders jumping up with arm out on beach with ocean in background.
Admit it, our bodies don’t always keep up with our minds! And most of us have aging parents and grandparents who could benefit from physical activity as much as we can. As long as you’re working on maintaining your New Year’s resolution for better health, help your loved ones commit, as well.
Here is a list of programs from the National Council on Aging to get things moving.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Although it’s easier to focus our energy on either diets OR exercises; both are necessary to create a healthy lifestyle that outlasts the month of January. Many leading coaches teach a combination of nutrition and physical activity to help their clients cut pounds and inches.
According to Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and general internist at Cambridge Health Alliance, “If you make this commitment to lifestyle changes, then maybe five years from now, you’re 10 pounds lighter. If you’re doing crash diets, you would probably be 10 pounds more.”[7]

Infographic with pie chart and text about keeping weight off with images of recipe, scale, tv watching and walker on beach.
Image courtesy of Live Science, Karl Tate

Anti-Gravity Yoga

Yoga students on mat upside down with legs suspended above like a handstand from a strap.
Have your friends been telling you for years that you’ve GOT to try yoga? And for whatever reason, you just don’t think it’s for you? Well, in 2016, there’s a form of yoga for just about everyone. And it’s more accessible than ever – offered at dedicated studios, your local gym, on DVDs, and even free online!
Maybe you envied Pink’s aerial silk performance at the 2014 Grammys. One of the biggest new trends this year is anti-gravity yoga. Find a studio in your area and try out a high-flying act to change up your fitness routine!

Daily Online Inspiration

 Now that you know what’s hot in fitness for 2016, it’s good to find some motivation to help you follow through with a new diet and exercise routine. One of the best ways to get inspired is by learning from those who impress us. We can get a daily dose of education and inspiration just by following some terrific online fitness bloggers. With unique workout routines, recipe ideas, and before & after stories, here are a few of our favorites:

Nutritious Hinode Brown Rice Recipes

 Try one of these Hinode whole grain brown rice recipes with complex carbohydrates to energize your next workout!

Hinode Brown Rice Energy Balls

These sweet and nutty treats are perfect to carry with you as a snack.

Brown rice energy balls served on green plate with dark yellowish-orange napkin under plate
Recipe and photo courtesy of Hinode Rice.

Protein Packed Hinode Brown Rice Pudding

 Eat it for breakfast to kick off a great day, or save it for dessert to go to bed satiated.

Green bowl and yellow bowl served with brown rice pudding with pomegranate seeds on top and orange slices for garnish.
Recipe and photo courtesy of Hinode Rice.

Mediterranean Hinode Brown Rice Bake

Easy enough for a quick dinner – make extra to save for lunch the next day!

Brown bowl with wooden spoon in serving of brown rice with artichoke, sun dried tomato and asparagus.
Recipe and photo courtesy of Hinode Rice.


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